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ufc::form Class Reference

#include <ufc.h>

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PoissonBilinearForm pycc::form__stiffness_form__Lagrange_1_2D

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Detailed Description

This class defines the interface for the assembly of the global tensor corresponding to a form with r + n arguments, that is, a mapping

a : V1 x V2 x ... Vr x W1 x W2 x ... x Wn -> R

with arguments v1, v2, ..., vr, w1, w2, ..., wn. The rank r global tensor A is defined by

A = a(V1, V2, ..., Vr, w1, w2, ..., wn),

where each argument Vj represents the application to the sequence of basis functions of Vj and w1, w2, ..., wn are given fixed functions (coefficients).

Definition at line 330 of file ufc.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual cell_integralcreate_cell_integral (unsigned int i) const =0
 Create a new cell integral on sub domain i.
virtual dof_mapcreate_dof_map (unsigned int i) const =0
 Create a new dof map for argument function i.
virtual exterior_facet_integralcreate_exterior_facet_integral (unsigned int i) const =0
 Create a new exterior facet integral on sub domain i.
virtual finite_elementcreate_finite_element (unsigned int i) const =0
 Create a new finite element for argument function i.
virtual interior_facet_integralcreate_interior_facet_integral (unsigned int i) const =0
 Create a new interior facet integral on sub domain i.
 form ()
virtual unsigned int num_cell_integrals () const =0
 Return the number of cell integrals.
virtual unsigned int num_coefficients () const =0
 Return the number of coefficients (n).
virtual unsigned int num_exterior_facet_integrals () const =0
 Return the number of exterior facet integrals.
virtual unsigned int num_interior_facet_integrals () const =0
 Return the number of interior facet integrals.
virtual unsigned int rank () const =0
 Return the rank of the global tensor (r).
virtual const char * signature () const =0
 Return a string identifying the form.
virtual ~form ()

Public Attributes

string form_combined
string form_header
string form_implementation

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